Loblolly House by Kieran and Timberlake

Ah, the joyfully sunny, environmentally ethicalLoblolly House… It’s perfect for a breezy, flower-filled getaway picnic for young hippie-sters (I can’t tell if they’re hippies or hipsters…). They can run barefoot, chasing their rose-colored dreams and each other. This house gives them not a care in the world, what with its woody wood and bright open vistas. Wake up, throw that shirt crumpled in the corner on, run your fingers through your adorably messy hair, and start singing. You’re always right there on the sparkling sea.



Farnsworth House, Plano, IL by Ludwig Mies van de Rohe

For me, this video, which is for a song about the value of family and affection, seems misplaced in such a stark and modern house. It would seem that using a more traditional suburban single family house would serve the nostalgic atmosphere better. No? I suppose, what the Farnsworth House permits though, through its (perceived) blankness, is the space for the projected “memories” of the story’s character. The Farnsworth House, in this light, is any house… every house. This is particularly funny to every architect I know, however, because we study that house so intensely as one of the highest examples of modernism. For us, this house is anything but neutral!

Guggenheim Museum, Bilbao, Spain by Frank Gehry


On Monday we started the class with Mariah Carey’s video for her song “Sweetheart.” It featured Jermaine Dupri, a white fluffy cat, and most importantly, architect Frank Gehry’s famous Guggenheim Museum of Art in Bilbao, Spain.


Gehry’s Guggenheim Museum of Art in Bilbao as constructed and sketch



To learn more about Frank Gehry you might enjoy watching a movie about him called Sketches of Frank Gehry, a documentary shot by acclaimed movie director Sydney Pollack.