Ennis House by Frank Lloyd Wright

Given this house color, mass, and tectonic(!), it is not surprising that Frank Lloyd Wright’s “Textile Block” Ennis House has been used for so many lovelorn and melancholy music videos. (I know this is the opposite of what I stated in class… I think I figured it out!!) They are all longing for someone… something… and the bleakness of the empty, cold concrete block match the interior life of the character singing. Sigh. It’s hard (literally and figuratively) and a little weird… the Ennis House.

And just who is 3T you ask? It turns out that the reason the three young guys in the video look so much like MJ is because he is their uncle. The three members are Tariano, Taryll, and Tito Joe (hence, 3Ts) and they are the sons of Tito Jackson, MJ’s older brother and fellow Jackson Five member. In 1995, this song, “Why?” was a big hit in Europe along with several others, which established 3T as a pop group there. They continue to make music and release albums, but haven’t been quite as popular since their first album. (Thanks Wikipedia!)


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