McKinley Residence by David Hertz

The last video preshow featured the McKinley Residence (aka the Californication House because it was featured prominently in that TV show). This house is in Venice, California and was designed and built in two phases from 1996 to 2003. The architect, David Hertz, FAIA designed the house in multiple free standing units that were connected by the inner courtyard on the ground floor and bridges on the upper levels. It’s modeled after a balinese residential type that he came across in his surf (!) travels. Fortunately, he lives in California where this kind of living is possible… sigh.

In the video we see Jay-Z having (what else?) a party. The house helps portray his character as an affable and affluent host. This image similar to the one from previous video that featured Mr. Dogg living it up. I must admit, though, it’s a less impressive house and site (and party)… The sixties was definitely a wilder, freer party decade.



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